Coffee and Tea Bar, Chiang Mai

Riverside Coffee and Tea Bar

'Hohm' means 'good smell' or 'smells good' in Thai

Our 'Hohm Cafe' we offer you lovely coffee creations where the coffee is sourced from the hills arround Chiang Mai.

Organic Chiang Mai Coffee
Thai Coffee Bar

We support our Hilltibe people.

Thai Coffee is of highest quality! We also support HM The King of Thailands effort to convert hilltribe people from growing drugs to alternative and more lucrative options such as coffee, tea and vegetables.

Dream at our Pool

Organic Thai Tea

Chiang Mai also offers excellent climate to grow tea. We offer one standard international tea brand and besides that several home-grown teas from Chiang Mai for you to sample.

Coffee & Tea Menu

Visit us, enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea right at famous Ping River


  • -- Hot or iced fresh Mango Tea
  • -- Hot or iced fresh Lime Tea
  • -- Hot or iced Pineapple Tea
  • -- Hot or iced Cantaloupe Tea
  • -- Fresh Ginger Tea
  • -- Fresh Mint Tea


  • -- Organic Latte
  • -- Organic Americano
  • -- Organic Cappuccino
  • -- Organic Coffee a'l orange
  • -- Vienna Ice Coffee
  • -- and more...
Organic Coffee Thailand
Coffee Creations

Coffee with whipped cream and Orange

An amazing creation of organic coffee, Countreau Liquor, whipped cream and orange zests.

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Irish Coffee

Organic Coffee with cream and coconut

A must try! Fresh coffee with coconut flavour and whipped cream

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